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center in like occurring in europe if we stick to the same plant that president obama is promising we have the same results. that's the kind of leadership for providing. >>> they're set to debate at center college in danville kentucky on october 11th. >>> far from california political money-making machine this weekend mitt romney and president obama both began rallying their voters in support of crucial states along the east coast. the cbs reporter shows us how the candidates kicked off the coast convention blips. >>> mitt romney handed out dogs to voters in virginia estate or his deadlock with president obama. earlier he used the backdrop at a military aviation museum in virginia beach to focus on the lead defense cuts. greta the kind of numbers of jobs lost in virginia from these cuts is between 102 and a thousand i will not cut our military i will maintain a military commitment. >>> also took aim at friday's drop report say that the president doesn't have it takes to turn the economy around. >>> he doesn't have a plan or any ideas but we have to make sure he doesn't have any m
and exceeded this live up to 2024. >>> president obama and the challenger mitt romney are prepping for their first debate. in practice sessions mitt romney will get help from the ohio senator who will play the role of the president. president obama will look to massachusetts senator kerry to stand in for mitt romney. behind in recent polls some campaign watchers said that mitt romney has more riding on the debates as well as more to gain than the president. " of the challenger has the opportunity to establish is competent to stand up and hold his own against the president of the estates a challenger that accomplishes that and affect wins the first debate. >>> wednesday's debate gives the both the chance to explain their class at plans for the health care and the economy. will women will obviously played key role in this election and new polls show the they're more interested in men in issues impacting their pocketbook. and the presidential candidates know what. that's the latest campaign ad for the mitt romney camp a recent news poll shows 51 percent of men favor mitt romney and 5
a little bit more. and we don't build the economy from the top down. greta that's president obama in wisconsin is to living in the polls and the key swing states. which is also paul o'brien's home states. coming up former president both clinton and face the nation chatting with him on the latest residuum matchup and talking about his advice to this congress from getting things done on face the nation at 8 30 this morning on cbs 5. speaking of the vote and getting out on tuesday the hosta rally to maximize voter registration to make sure that all eligible voters and alameda county is a registered and ready to cast their ballots come november. the congresswoman barbara lee will lead the meeting and oakland coinciding with someone other similar events around the country and the idea is to fight voter i.d. laws. great a victory for birth control advocates this weekend with access to contraception is getting easier. and lenders is to prescribe birth control. the other ways the new law will help women's health. >>> women think governor brown with a round of applause is a sense into law
playing president obama for the republican mitt romney had democratic side and congressman chris van a hole in as plain paul ran for the vice president biden and would like to see these mock debates. so far president obama won a slim lead over challenger mitt romney. >>> the latest york times " is 49 percent of likely voters say the to going to go with the president 46 but favor his republican rival. so those kind of numbers returned to the former mayor willie brown no stranger to the polls which to be comfortable or would you be worried? >>> i would be very nervous because i'm from the old school. you really do need a better cushion than that but in this election the cushion is needed not so much by a bomb but mitt romney is a minutely behind in everyplace and he does not appear to be getting any better. his performance on foreign policy is the richest offensive to people and that's a negative he didn't do well in his convention and that was a negative. and still hasn't cleared up when he got his money and how he made it or why he didn't pay any taxes that's a negative form he bet
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4